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Flex-A-Lite was founded in 1962 with our first breakthrough product: the original Flex Fan. This design allowed the fan blades to flatten out at higher engine rpm, reducing drag on the engine and delivering more power to the tires. With this, the concept of Performance Cooling was born.

For more than 50 years, our spirit of innovation has brought continuous new products and even new segments to the industry. We broadened our product line to include the first electric fans introduced in the performance aftermarket as well as transmission coolers and radiators.

Flex-A-Lite is now part of Legend Brands, which engineers and manufactures products for niche industries across the globe.

Our commitment to bring innovative Performance Cooling products to the market is stronger than ever. We have replaced the old-style tube-and-fin transmission and engine-oil coolers with an advanced technology, stacked-plate series that provides better cooling, durability and strength.

We stunned the performance aftermarket once again with the introduction of an all-new electric fan blade technology. Using advanced aerodynamic simulation and engineering software paired with rapid prototyping and wind-tunnel testing, the new Flex-Wave® fan blade provides more airflow without increasing the fan dimensions or electric motor requirements.

We take pride in our engineering, manufacturing and customer service. We look forward to continuing our heritage of Performance Cooling innovation!