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Frequent Questions

What's does C.F.M. stand for ?
C.F.M. is an acronym for Cubic Feet Per Minute. This is the automotive industries standard for measuring air flow.

Why isn't there a C.F.M rating on your flex and clutch fans ?
C.F.M. ratings are based on constant variables, such as r.p.m and blade pitch angle. With direct drive fans neither of these variables are constant so a general C.F.M. rating is not assigned.

How much clearance do I need between my flex fan and radiator ?
At very least 1" from the closest part of the fan to the radiator. This inch allows for movement in your motor mounts, chassis flex, and of course flex in the fan.

What's the best type of fan to have on a vehicle that frequently tows ?
A good heavy duty clutch and clutch fan. This combination allows for the best air flow to fuel economy ratio.

Are component parts available for your electric fans ?
Yes, your point of purchase can order any replacement part you may need, i.e. fan blades and motors etc. You may also order components directly from Flex-a-lite with a VISA or MC.

When installing an electric fan how much of the radiator needs to be covered ?
We recommend 70% of the radiator core be covered.

How important is it to have a shroud around my fan ?
Very, one of the properties of air is that it likes to follow the path of least resistance. With a shroud you force the air to be drawn through the radiator instead of around it.

How far should I put my fan into the shroud opening ?
As close to half in and half out as possible.

Which type of electric fan is better, a pusher or puller ?
For primary use a puller. For auxiliary use a pusher.

Is there anything I can do to make my model # 150 a pusher ?
Yes, turn the blade over and reverse the polarity of the MOTOR WIRES. Note: the fan does not run as efficiently in a pusher mode.

Do you have any electric fans you recommend for my motor home ?
We recommend that you keep a mechanical fan for your primary cooling needs. For additional cooling we offer several auxiliary fans listed in our catalog.

When I drive down the road at 55 mph my car over heats, is this a fan problem ?
In most cases no, at 55 mph ram air cools the radiator. Check for obstructions blocking air flow through your grill and radiator.

How do I know if I have a standard rotating fan or a counter clockwise rotating fan ?
As a general rule 'V' belt vehicles are standard rotation and serpentine belt vehicles are counter clockwise rotating.

When are transmission coolers recommended ?
Mainly on automatic transmission vehicles that tow on a regular basis.